Cheers to the Weekend 11.17.17

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Thanksgiving is less than a week away, which seems impossible! My dad is flying in on Tuesday to stay the week, and my brother is driving from Portland to spend the holiday with us, which will be really good. Rikki is spending Thanksgiving with her family as well, so we are both looking forward to the family time. We're making my great grandma's famous stuffing and a turkey.....and who knows what else! I still need to menu plan and brave the crowded grocery stores next week while I berate myself for procrastinating. Both of us are focused on staying cozy in our reading lives, and making plans on how we want to finish out the year (eek!). Are you guys traveling for Thanksgiving? And tell me, what's your favorite dish? I need ideas!

Also, we're working on a bunch of gift guides and some other posts, so keep an eye out!


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