Cheers to the Weekend 11.10.17

Exciting articles, inspiring Instagrammers, and other fun stuff worth sharing!


What are you guys up to today? We are heading into a slow weekend over here, after a wonderful event at Browser's Bookshop last night! We've got plans to see a movie, and basically just relax in this last week before Thanksgiving hits. Rikki is getting a lot of reading done while snuggling her newborn and I am enjoying taking my time with the book I'm reading, fresh off my slump. Do you guys have anything fun happening or reading anything you're loving? 


Around The Web

Books that were written during NaNoWriMo; pretty cool to see some of these titles! 

We cannot WAIT to go see this movie! Seriously, I bought tickets for this weekend already.

What are your "guilty pleasure" books? We definitely have a few :)

The case for not keeping a TBR list! I don't know if I could ever give mine up, but the author makes some great points.



Utterly in love with the mood and color scheme of Anthony's lit lifestyle feed.

If bullet journaling is your thing, Heidi is a wealth of incredible inspiration

We're suckers for literature themed food, and Kate does it beautifully.

And since we flubbed her link last week, and I got to meet her in person last night (!!!) check out the fabulous Jenna!


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