A Holiday Gift Guide for the Bookworm in Your Life


It's dark by 4:40 and raining most days in the PNW, but this it the time of year our city feels the most warm and light, because the holidays are just on the horizon. Wreaths on street lamps and decadent store front windows remind us that we are all suddenly facing the task of choosing gifts for our loved ones that they will actually enjoy.


Personally, we look at gift-giving as a chance to buy our loved ones some kind of luxury that they will use regularly, but wouldn't buy for themselves. We approached this guide by thinking about what we would want to be given, and about the bookworms in our lives, and came up with a list full of actually useful, wonderful things to enhance anyone's reading life.

Oh, and this list is 100% free of hideous random crap that was deemed "bookish" because it has an ugly picture of a book on it, we promise! 

*Some links are affiliate, we deeply appreciate your support!


A completely #bookstagram worthy mug or this tea set for two so they can cozy up with their book (this is one of our favorites) and favorite hot beverage this winter.

Trust us: some quality loungewear and a cozy blanket go a long way in creating a comfortable reading environment.

While you're at it with all the cozy vibes, why not slippers too and maybe this book that became an instant favorite this year?

Most bookworms we know track their reading, so try a pretty notebook or a bullet journal for them to log their TBRs. You could even get them a whole reading journal kit.

A custom-made cover for their laptop/tablet/e-reader, etc can be both functional and beautiful. I have one similar to this and use it on the daily to transport my laptop.

Do they have a kick-ass tote bag to take to the library or to their local bookstore? We love all of the Obvious State totes, they're so pretty!

We cannot tell you how difficult it is to find modern book ends, and like most bookworms, we bet your loved one has many a shelf in dire need of them. And if you have little ones, I actually got my son these for Christmas last year and they're currently holding back a stack of his favorite pop up books

Enamel pins have been really trendy lately, and while there are a ton of really ugly ones, we think this one is perfect.

Know a Harry Potter fan? Cause these are so great, I want to buy a set for myself.



How amazing are these vintage book planters??! 

Love this book page print ; it's simple and perfect to hang in any beloved reading spot.

Hey husbands, handmade bookish inspired soy candles, we could use some!

If you have a candle snob on your list, check out my very favorite winter scented candle in alllllll the land. I love candles in my room for reading ambiance; it feels decadent and relaxing. 

Best night light EVER!

We've had our eye on these book letters for awhile now. These are the most affordable ones we've seen yet!

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a book lover is always in want of quality paper goods, and this is the one I have to have every year.

Need a timeless gift? Beautiful sets of classic novels designed to be displayed will never go out of style.


Subscription Boxes

I'm super intrigued by Capsule Books and their curated boxes of books based around a specific feeling. We love that they pull heavily from backlist and other cultures, sending up with titles you may never have heard of. Their winter capsules go on sale Thanksgiving Day, plus, Capsule gave our friends 15% off with the code ARDENT15

Rikki has been getting Bookishly for the past year, and loves it.

Of course you can always gift a subscription to the classic and hugely popular Book of the Month and allow your loved one to choose the books for themselves.

Have you checked out Page 1 Books? They hand select books each month based on your set preferences and their experience; it's kind of magical. Page 1 is giving our friends 15% with the code ARDENT15 if you're interested!

You can also go the indie route with Powell's Indiepsensible, The Bookshelf's Shelf Subscription (ugh, the coolest concept ever!), or the subscription service at the Novel Neighbor. Definitely check what your local indie offers as well!

If there's one thing bookworms love as much as books, it's coffee, and a subscription (this one hails from our homeland!) allows them to explore their palates while they turn those pages.

If tea is more their style, we've had great luck with Plum Deluxe, plus their tea blends are really pretty. Full disclosure, they sent us a free tea sampler earlier this year, but we genuinely enjoyed them!

Some other bookish boxes we've heard good things about are this and this.


Kindle, Etc.

I've personally gone through 4 e-readers in the past 10 years, starting with Nook and moving to Kindle (which I vastly prefer) and while I'm primarily a physical book reader, I really really appreciate the convenience of my Kindle Paperwhite, especially for reading in bed at night and not bothering my husband. If you have an avid reader on your list who doesn't have an e-reader yet, it might be worth a look. You can also upgrade to Kindle Oasis; it's waterproof and has some other cool features like Audible syncing. Kindles generally go on sale for Black Friday, so keep an eye out! 

A protective case is a must-have accessory, in our opinion (maybe we're just clumsy). I currently have this simple purple case, and it's been working great, but I have my eye on this elegant leather one. Cases can get as wild, colorful, and personalized as you want, if that's more their style.

Last but not least, we created these incredibly unique gift boxes catered toward specific books (you can request any book!) for book clubs, dinner parties, or pure enjoyment!


What are you gifting the bookworms on your list this holiday season?

Anyone score anything amazing? We'd sincerely love to hear!