Cheers to the Weekend 11.3.17

Exciting articles, inspiring Instagrammers, and other fun stuff worth sharing!


It's snowing a little bit here in the PNW this morning, much to our surprise! November clearly wanted to make a grand entrance this year, and it has us both holed up at home for most of this weekend. Our grand plans include checking out the Christmas decor that has already invaded Target, making some plans for our next event at Browser's Books next week, and lots of warm drinks with good books! What are you guys up to?

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The guide to literary awards I always wanted! I can't be the only one who was confused about what they all were and their specific differences.

A fascinating peek behind the scenes with a book cover designer for Penguin Random House.

Some thoughts about when to read Harry Potter with kids. I have a 4 year old so this was especially interesting for me to think about. What do you guys think?

Love when someone is brave enough to really trash a book they hated. Cathartic and so important to be able to do!



Obsessed with this account's punny name and bookish travel vibe!

We adore Jenna and her feed is literary lifestyle goals.

Katharine has great taste in books and is just an all around inspiring human being.