On Being a Morning Reader


If there's one thing I hear regularly, it's that people wish they could read in the morning. It's somewhat of an anomaly to read early in the day, as most people don't care to rise early unless they have to. I used to be right there with you! However, my husband used to be a very early riser, and after nearly a decade together, we have switched places. I love being up just before dawn and having a quiet house to myself, and best of all, watching the sunrise. A few kids later and I was sold on that treasured peaceful time.

How cute is the  copper french press ???

How cute is the copper french press???

I don't always, but more times than not, I will wake before the sun, make a cup of coffee and cozy up to greet the day with a book in hand. I appreciate having that little bit of morning routine all to myself, even as it changes with the seasons. As we welcome fall, I really enjoy turning on the heat (or in this case, starting a fire) to be warm and ready by the time I settle in.

As much as I prefer the solitude this part of the day, my daughter is also an early riser and will often join me. Thankfully, she settled into that reading time right alongside me, and I'm so grateful for that time with her. I hope she remembers that time with just her and I and feels the same peace that I do. 


There's really only two pieces of advice I can offer if you're wanting to read in the morning. 1) Slowly train yourself to wake up earlier and earlier. I used to set my alarm for 15-30 minutes at a time earlier each day until I reached my desired waking hour. It works and I still have to do it if I struggle with waking early enough. 2) If you have kids, you can absolutely get them on board. I've told my kids for years (as I am a slow waking person) that mornings are for calm and quiet. I'm not even kidding. Granted, it isn't always calm and quiet, but they'll recite it if I ask them what mornings are for and they know to slow down or play quietly. My body and my brain have to wake before I can fully and patiently parent them. They've now settled into reading with me. Usually.


It all comes down to how much you need this time for yourself. For me, it's essential. I give myself grace when things don't follow the routine I set. Don't be disillusioned that this is a harmonious occurrence every day. It's not. But when it happens, I'm the happiest.


When the weather and my energy permits, I'll go for a walk with my dogs in the morning, usually kids in tow to get out that bit of energy they were saving. It's the best time of day to be out and I can reflect on what I'm reading, get some fresh air, and be prepared to move on with the day.


Within an hour or so of my kids being up with me, I can't hold off feeding them any longer. It's time for breakfast or to start my own day. The leisure is really only for weekends, as weekdays there's more hectic scheduling with school and work. But if I try hard enough, I can read to pacify my need for starting the day on my terms. 

It's blissful really.

When do you get most of your reading in? Is it your preferred time, or what is simply most convenient. I'd love to hear how your reading routine is!

P.S. This really was my Saturday morning :)

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