Improving Your Reading Life | Get Inspired

Welcome to our 2017 series about improving your reading life! We'll be sharing ideas and strategies to increase your reading and simple, effective ways to make your reading life richer and more rewarding.

The first step to kickstarting your 2017 reading is to get inspired to actually read and finding titles you're going to love. It's hard to feel motivated to read when nothing is feeling compelling enough to pick up, so finding that title you're eager to start is crucial.

Here are a few ways we personally find books to add to our TBR and get excited about reading!

Talk to friends: If you have friends who read, the people who know you are probably the most likely to recommend something you'll love. My best friend and I have swapped books from our personal libraries and traded recommendations for years, and I credit her with putting some of my very favorite books in my hands. Books are great for conversation, too and if you've both read a book you can spend some quality time discussing it. Plus, friends will often buddy read with you, which is even better!

Podcasts: There are some amazing bookish podcasts out there, and a variety of formats to find books you might love. You can listen to podcasts about new releases, about women authors, about diverse novels, about science fiction and fantasy, about personalized reading recommendations, and much more. Pretty much any genre or format you could want is out there waiting to add a pile of books to your TBR.

Blogs: Of course, book blogs are plentiful nowadays and reading someone else's description or review can kickstart an interest in a title. This goes for Goodreads as well, and exploring the bookish side of the internet is going to turn up tons of exciting options for you with minimal effort.

Local bookstore recommendations: One of the best things about local bookstores is their curation and the staff's intimate knowledge of the stock. Generally staff picks and recommendations are littered on brightly colored paper throughout the store, and can be a great source of inspiration. These people generally read a lot and know what they're talking about! Don't be hesitant to ask a bookseller for a specific recommendation either, they'll be thrilled to nerd out about books with you, trust me. 

Wander the library: Few things rival the pleasure of a quiet hour wandering amongst free books! Pick out anything that appeals to you and don't worry about any reviews. Trust yourself, read a few pages to get a feel for it, and take home anything that strikes your fancy without fear of wasting money. I found my very favorite author this way, actually! Giving new titles a chance means you might discover a hidden gem you can recommend to everyone else you know! 

How do you guys get inspired? Leave a comment below to tag us #TheArdentBiblioReads!