Improving Your Reading Life | Audiobooks

Audiobooks can be a powerful tool to increase your reading while making everyday activities a lot more fun.

Welcome back to our series focused on improving your reading life this year! We've already covered getting inspired, and now it's on to how to pack more reading into your day effortlessly! Enter: audiobooks. Audiobooks are a seriously amazing tool if you're busy (like us!) with work, life, and kids, and just want to sneak in more reading into the pockets of time you can't physically hold a book. Here are some of our favorite tried-and-true ways to build more listening time into our everyday lives.

  1. Listen to your bookclub book- Like many of you, I belong to a book club, but my own TBR often dominates the time I have to sit down with an actual book, especially with library deadlines! For me, listening to my bookclub book on audio while I'm doing other things gives me ample time to finish it during the month without feeling rushed. It works shockingly well!
  2. Listen during your commute- If you have a commute, you know how much time you're spending in transit not doing much of anything. Play an audiobook on your trip to work whether you're driving, taking the bus or train, or even riding a bike (headphones!) and start getting some more reading in.
  3. Listen while doing chores- My pet-peeve chore is cleaning my kitchen, and of course it's something that needs to be done frequently. Same thing with folding the endless mountain of laundry my family seems to generate. Instead of dreading these tasks, I look at it as free time I have to spend with an audiobook to listen to another chapter or two, and suddenly it's something I look forward to doing instead of a tedious chore.
  4. Listen while exercising- I run 3 miles every day and I swear I would not have the motivation to get my butt out the door each day if it weren't for the promise of listening to an audiobook (or podcast) while hitting the pavement. It's usually one of the primary motivating factors, to know I get to pop in headphones and have some time to myself to listen to something I truly enjoy. It feels like recharging. 
  5. Listen with kids- Rikki and I both have kids, and that means we've got a great opportunity to listen to some great books along with them. Whether in the car or at home, kids always appreciate listening to a great story, and it can be a wonderful bonding experience to talk about the book with them and to choose what to read next together. 

P.S. The library is our FAVORITE place to get audiobooks :)

                         When is your favorite time to listen to audiobooks? Let us know!