Improving Your Reading Life | Find a Great Spot to Read

Welcome back to our 2017 series about improving your reading life! We've talked about getting inspired to read and some tips to find great new books, embracing reading slumps, and what a difference audiobooks can make in your reading life. Now that you have a book in your hands (or ears) you can't wait to start, it's time to settle in somewhere comfy to dive in!

Most of you, I'm sure have a go-to reading spot in your home, probably on your couch or in your bed; somewhere you can get cozy and snuggle down for a solid reading session. We know exactly where we like to be in our own homes! I think that's going to be most people's default mode, but warmer months especially provide ample opportunity to break out of your routine and find a new reading spot that you enjoy.

First, think of places you naturally find relaxing and low key, somewhere you could settle into and where the background is suited to lull you into that magical place where you stop noticing the actual words on the page and are just fully immersed and flying through the story.

Do you have a local beach or lake that you can take some snacks and a drink out to and just lay out on a beach towel or under an umbrella? I find beaches particularly easy to read on, because the crashing waves provide ambient white noise, and I can mush the sand around to support my arms or back or prop up my book even. I love the fresh air and the warm, relaxing comfort of beach reading so much.

Or how about the bustling hum of a local coffee shop? I'm sure you've noticed how many people use them to study, and sometimes having so many people around you intently focused on something makes you want to focus on what's in front of you too. I find the buzz of people around me really comforting and I sincerely enjoy reading in this type of setting. Plus, great caffeine and baked goods, what's not to love?

Parks are another great resource if you'd like to be near other humans, but want some fresh air. Take an iced coffee to go and spread a blanket out under a tree, or find a tucked away bench with a view. Settle into a novel, take some breaks to people watch, and you've got yourself a highly pleasant afternoon.

Maybe you have a great outdoor space at home? Rikki has a wonderfully lush, gorgeous garden space in her backyard that she's created, complete with a swing and a two table sets she can choose from. How fun to take morning coffee out and pass some time in the company of a great novel and some quality sunshine. Bonus points for her chickens softly clucking, bees buzzing around nearby wildflowers, and a puppy dog or two at her feet.

I've got a more simple outdoor set up, but I love taking a pitcher of iced tea out with me to sit and read with the umbrella up at my table and my toddler playing a few feet away. I've also seen people with crazy beautiful back porches and amazing balconies I'd just love to read on!

Often we don't have the luxury of uninterrupted time to ourselves, so we make the best of it, and find ourselves reading at the park with our kids, or sitting out on the waterfront while they throw rocks into the Puget Sound. We are definitely the type of people who feel naked if we don't have a book or a Kindle in our bags at all times to pull out whenever we have a spare few minutes to read. 

Whichever spaces make sense for you, take advantage of them and enjoy the diversity of reading out and about, as well as settling into that perfect spot at home.

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Happy reading friends!