Modern Bookmarks

Anyone else remember being a little kid and begging to buy ugly plastic bookmarks with colorful tassels that we all thought we SO BEAUTIFUL back in the 1990's? Bonus points if it was a floral monogram or had glitter or a unicorn on it! And most of us, except maybe for nostalgia's sake, would probably not want to pull one of those out of our impressive novel at a cool kid coffee shop these days. But what monster dog ears pages of a beautiful book? Especially with so many gorgeous collectible ones out there! And yet we still need to be able to mark our spot to seamlessly pick up where we left off. Enter the modern iterations of bookmarks.

  1. Book Darts- Discrete, sophisticated, and available in several varieties of metal; these are the sleekest bookmarks out there. Because they're so slim, they're especially excellent for marking lines and passages you want to remember without adding a mess of unsightly post its to your pages.
  2. Page Flags- Easy, disposable, and available in endless cute prints. You can often find these in the Target dollar spot if you keep an eye out! I always keep a little pack of these on my nightstand for fuss-free marking.
  3. Magnetic Bookmarks- These cuties come in all kinds of styles to fit a range of tastes, from coffee cups and beer growlers, to pineapples and cacti, to chemistry sets, to world cities; the list goes on. Plus, the magnet ensures it will stay in place!
  4. Watercolor Golden Snitch Bookmark- Show off your fandom love with an elegant watercolor bookmark with minimalist design and gorgeous color. There's even one for Stranger Things! Heart eyes forever!
  5. Galaxy Bookmark- Perfectly on trend, and gorgeously done, these are surefire winners. Seriously, who doesn't want a bookmark so beautiful they just want to stare at it for a moment before diving back into the book?
  6. Scandinavian-Inspired Botanical Bookmarks- Modern and pretty, these have plenty of style for when you're getting your hygge on with a good book!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know!

Michaela DevineComment