Reading Resolutions 2017

New Year, New Goals

2017. New year, new goals, though truthfully, I am not someone who thrives with a whole lot of structure. I find hard and fast boundaries of any kind stifling and cumbersome, and I know that setting too firm or lofty goals for myself will just suck the fun out of reading for me and make it a chore instead of a beloved hobby. Which would seriously suck. 

HOWEVER. I recognize that I spend a lot of my time (and therefore a lot of my life) reading, and always end up feeling like I could have spent it just a little bit better. Honestly, I just want to start having less regrets about how I'm spending my time in general, and my reading life is one area where it's the easiest to control and change.

I currently have a tower of books stacked next to my bed, and am feeling fresh and inspired to read lately. I am also finding myself being really drawn to having some structure going into 2017, which is a little surprising, so I'm just rolling with it and hoping it pays off! To find some balance and keep up the momentum I have, while also giving myself some solid sense of direction, I've boiled my goals down to two things:

  1. Read 40 books this year, and keep track on Goodreads
  2. Work through a minimum of 10 classic novels

The first one is a low ball goal for myself, but will at least give me a range to shoot for, and hopefully surpass. And lets talk about Goodreads; it has it's issues, but what a marvelous way to keep track of your reading life, to manage your TBR pile and to monitor your pace. I am committed to using it with regularity this year, as I think it is such a useful and easy tool to use.

As for classic novels. I love them. I'm obsessed with reading them, but every year I think I could have read more of them. I'm self aware enough to recognize a 500 page classic is going to suck more of my time and energy than a 500 page YA fantasy, and I just want to be sure I'm setting aside that time and energy for them because they enrich my life so much. There are dozens of classics I'm incredibly excited to read on my shelf, so 2017 is the year I make meaningful progress on that list.

Basically I am aiming for some more intention, and better record keeping in my reading life. Does the new year make you want to set goals? I'd love to hear about them!