Bookish Stocking Stuffers


It never fails that every single year I am rushing to fill stockings with meaningful, useful gifts. There are a trillion lists out there, all promising to be something you’ll love, and still, they aren’t. If you’re anything like us, you’re rushing out to find those last minute gifts or stocking stuffers, and these are things we would (OR DO) genuinely purchase for ourselves or loved ones, and truly believe they’re worthy of mentioning.


This set of Penguin Classics is my most treasured and I look forward to pulling out a book from it each and every year. I can’t recommend these enough! They can be wrapped all together or individually (they’re perfectly sized for a mid-sized stocking!

The prettiest way to mark pages with quotes you want to remember or simply as a bookmark, I use these constantly! Sometimes they pop up in the Dollar Spot area of Target, too.

Perfectly on trend and super cute, these can be found all over and are fun statements to pin onto coats, collars, totes, and bulletin boards. This is another good one!

You know how much we love cocktails and books, it’s only perfect to have these to choose from; a variety of authors and books, these are beautiful and unique statement pieces to add to your home barware collection to reflect your literary tastes.

All the cozy socks this time of year! Anyone else stock up on cute and comfy socks? Just me?! Surely not. I’m already stocking up on these literary ones and some for my kids, too! Banned books, Eric Carlile, Hemingway, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and these book stacks.

These is the classiest bookish phone case I’ve seen yet. Again, you can find pretty much any book or book themed case online if you poke around a little bit, and a case is useful AND cute. Win-win!

How perfect is this Kate Spade pouch? Keep all your accessories neat and together in your bag, or store extra bookmarks and page flags on your desk!


Have any great ideas for stocking stuffers? Leave them in the comments!